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October 21st is the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity for aborted fetuses.  

Don’t let them control the discussion that day!  Share facts on abortion, share experiences (within permission) and show your support for people who have had abortions!  

While pro-lifers are “silent”, let us be loud!

Don’t let them control the conversation on October 21st!

Remember, we have a Facebook pagean imgura twitter and a facebook event (for those of you who synced their calendars with FB!)

We also have a deviantART group and a sub-reddit, however they’re a bit sparse.

Our hashtags are:

  • #abortstigma
  • #mybodymychoice
  • #1in3
  • #lettsinspired
  • #takingbackthediscussion.

( Please, do not hijack pro-lifer tags.  Let’s not stoop to their tactic of hijacking on important days, but let us aim to get our tags trending. )

Mark October 21st in your calendars and queue up support!


turns out you’re wrong, sherlock holmes. i don’t do any kind of farming or professionally take care of dogs or anything you said. i threw on all this shit to see which and how many wild assumptions you’d make about me from one random glance, like an asshole. and you did. you made so many assumptions about my life just by taking one look, you asshole. here’s an assumption for you: sherlock holmes is a huge jackass










why is Ursula shunned from King Triton’s society? does it have something to do with being more powerful than him? why does King Triton have a magical trident, being otherwise a pretty regular merman? Ursula is a witch, if anyone should have a magical artifact it should be her, did King Triton steal it?

and finally, Ursula didn’t do Ariel much wrong

Ariel wanted some legs (and a vagina) and Ursula told her flat out that in the surface world you can have a vagina or a voice, not both

i’d watch the hell out of a movie about Ursula

Ursula told her flat out that in the surface world you can have a vagina or a voice, not both”

ohhhh shit though, ursula was being too real about the world

although perhaps a bit too literal

Okay, these were all excellent points and I’ll never see The Little Mermaid the same way again.

I laughed at that caption at first then the reality actually hit me

you can have a vagina or a voice, not both”



I want that on a t-shirt right now

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