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Let me make something perfectly clear.


Even if it’s just for the sake of my sanity.

The “argument” against fat people is that they “choose” to be fat and therefore deserve to be treated like shit.

I don’t give a fuck if someone chooses to be fat or not, that doesn’t give anyone entitlement to treat them like shit.

You automatically lose that argument. So the “choosing” isn’t relevant.

Fat people deserve common decency and respect just like every other human being.


No exceptions.








NEVER FORGET when Miley Cyrus tried to get buck, and NEVER EVER FORGET when Kid Fury clapped back with the skill and might of the Ancient Wig-Snatchers of Old

No words can describe my love for this…..

i think about this so very often.



😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 shame fuckin bitch


Anarchists are not opposed to leadership in the sense of individuals who guide or direct other people. What Anarchists oppose are fixed positions of hierarchical authority in organisations in which the leaders are separate from the membership and elevated above the membership in terms of power. Anarchists seek temporary positions of leadership based upon the circumstances and the abilities of members of the group. An Anarchist instance of leadership would be that when a car breaks down it seems that the mechanic in the car should lead the repair of the car and instruct other members of the group towards actions which help the car become fixed, such as instructing people to pass them tools as they work. As Bakunin puts it “I receive and I give - such is human life. Each directs and is directed in his turn. Therefore there is no fixed and constant authority, but a continual exchange of mutual, temporary, and, above all, voluntary authority and subordination.”
Correcting Marxist Inaccuracies on Anarchism (via zahgurim)
  • other country:

    wow we solved drug crimes by doing this and the problem is practically completely resolved

  • america:

    there is just no stopping the war on drugs........

  • other country:

    we have the most successful schools because we implement these rules to encourage real learning

  • america:

    no hope....... kids just cant cut it anymore........

  • other country:

    gun related crime is all but non existent thanks to our restrictions

  • america:

    wow..... if only there was some way to stop these shootings before they happened..............

  • other country:

    nothing bad has happened as a result of our equal marriage/bathroom laws for lgbt

  • america:

    if only there was a way.............................

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